FLOWERTIME — When and Where to go


When to go:

Wild flowers start showing their faces, first in late July/early August, in Namaqualand (the Northern Cape).  Then they skirt southwards, through the Cederberg area where they dress up the West Coast for the spring launch.

So, the West Coast is by far your best chance of seeing spring flowers in early September. The perfect way to celebrate the start of Spring!

However, rainfall always is the dominating factor for a good flower season. If there has been a steady flow of gentle cold fronts during the winter, then it is likely to be a good flower season. Spring temperatures are also important. If high temperatures are reached, the flowers don't do as well as during mild temperatures.

                         Where to go:



    Fynbos Show will be held at the Hopefield Sport Field from the 24th till the 27th of August 2017


    100th Darling Wildflower Show September 14 - September 17


    Flower season August — September 18 September - 22 September Pensioners free entrance


    The only place in South Africa to see the Disa Uniflora


This unspoilt country town of some 9 000 inhabitants is a land of extremes, offering diversity, hospitality and authenticity. The region is famous for the rarest of flowers, the Disa Uniflora. It is the only place in South Africa where one can see fields of these flowers in nature, the rarest being the sulphur yellow Disa, which has been found only in one small colony in Porterville. 

Hopefield Fynbos Show will be held at the Hopefield Sport Field from the 24th till the 27th of August 2017.

More than 200 species from the renosterveld, sandveld, rietveld and wetland areas of the Hopefield district will be displayed in recreations of their natural habitats. Enjoy lunch or tea as well as stalls with a variety of traditional produce, a flower route and a fossil museum.

Darling Wildflower Show will be the 100th event, the Centenary Show! 

It celebrates an integral part of the Cape Fynbos Kingdom comprised of Renosterveld, Rietveld, Sandveld, and Strandveld where more than 1200 different species of flowers can be found.

The Flower Show will offer a variety of activities to entertain young and old.

Sept 14 @ 09:00 - Sept 17 @ 17:00

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